What is Acne?

Acne or pimple is a very common condition to most teenager and in their early twenties. Acne are swelling and often started with red spots that later turn into acne containing degraded fatty acids. If left untreated, severe acne can cause scars with will never disappear. Most of adolescent whom suffered severe acne also lead to psychological stress and be socially disabling. Acne usually goes away when they reach their late 20s, but for some very sensitive people there may continue to have the disorder even until their late 30s.

What causes Acne?

There are a lof of reason why you get acne outburst. One of the main reason is hormones changes during puberty. Hormones changes during pregnancy and menstrual period will also lead to sudden burst of acne. Other factor such as environmental irritants such as pollution. intense heat, humidity, temperature and excessive intake of oily and heaty food will also cause acne. We believe that no one person have the exact same cause as other person therefore it make sense that there is no one treatment nor one medicine that can cure acne for everyone.

Herbs Treatment

Herbal treatment is the most natural way of treating your acne and we are a supporter for natural healing. The Tole's herbal treatment have proven effective with more than 24 years of experience. We take into consideration of all your five organ before we prescribe to you with our ancestry remedy. We have served our online patient from over 160 countries since 1990s and have developed our proprietary methodology in online diagnosis. We then personalize your herbs according to your conditions and continue to monitor your progress during your treatment. You will need to take a week of herbs either in teabag, tablet or dry herbs form. Usually you will notice the different after a week but this is really depending on individual.

We do recommend you to decrease your consumption of oily and heaty food as a part of the treatment. It is also recommended to wash your skin whenever it becomes dirty and sweaty. Do not scrub your face it may heat up your acne and then get worse. Avoid exposing your skin to much to cold, heat and sunlight and drink plenty of water everyday. You can now get back your confident with us.

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